About Us


We started First Choice Industrial Supply Company because we wanted to be a company that not only promoted customer service, but stood behind that philosophy as well.  It’s simple to say you have great customer service, but we truly have the references to back it up.  We have over 100 years in industrial sales experience on our team.  First Choice Industrial Supply Company is an employee owned company that truly values each and every one of our customers.  We strive to meet and exceed customer’s needs and serve the safety, healthcare, industrial and food markets throughout Northern California with the ability to serve nationwide. 

FCIS offers a full line of Safety, Janitorial, Sanitation, Packaging and general MRO Supplies.  We not only warehouse local inventory but customize it to fit our customer’s needs.  If it’s something you use, it’s something we stock.  We offer, vendor managed inventory programs, vending machines, 5’s implementation, trainings and many other value added services.  We find ways to reduce, or in some cases eliminate, your freight expense.  We service customers from across the United States with our pallet ordering program.  Call or email our office for the details. 

FCIS will continue to put the needs of our customers first.  We will always have the newest products available, maintain and customize a great inventory and selection, use the latest technology to streamline our processes, and have the most knowledgeable and helpful sales team.  We understand that you decide who to buy from, and we will strive to earn and maintain your business.  We simply do business better.   When doing business with First Choice Industrial Supply Company, you can expect quality products, excellent service and competitive pricing.  We look forward to serving your supply needs.  Contact us to learn more about our unique offerings and how we can best service your supply needs.